The classes

Cycle 1 class

Kindergarteners are welcomed in class at 8:45 am. They go to the individual activities they already know. The teacher introduces them to new ones little by little. At the end of the morning, before recess, they gather on the ellipse for group activities. After the lunch break, they will all take a nap and get up in a staggered manner. In the afternoon, individual and group activities (motor skills, English, faith education, cultural projects) will follow one another.

The individual activities are mainly based on the material established by Dr. Maria Montessori.

Group activities allow for the construction of a common culture in various fields: arts, language, mathematics, science, geography, motor skills, English...

An introduction to English is offered, allowing children to begin to understand and express themselves in a foreign language.

Regularly, "nature outings" are organized and are part of the classroom routine. They are as important as other school activities. They allow us to meet the needs of the children, to connect learning to the real world, to develop new skills and to develop a concrete interest in environmental issues.

Cycle 2 and 3 classes

The operation of the cycle 2 and 3 classes follows the pedagogy of Maria Montessori but is also inspired by the work of Célestin Freinet.

Mathematics is approached using the Singapore method, which uses the "concrete-imagined-abstract" approach. The manipulatives used are similar to those of the Montessori method. This method has proven itself in many countries. The principle is simple: the concepts (addition, multiplication, fractions, decimal numbers, etc.) are studied in depth until the students master them completely. The method is explicit: concepts are explained clearly and briefly, then immediately applied in the worksheet. Students are encouraged to understand the mathematical processes in depth.

In the morning, students progress at their own pace in mathematics and French with the help of the work plan. In the afternoon, they participate in various group activities that will allow them to approach the other subjects: history, geography, science, artistic practices and sports.

Cycle 4 class

In the continuity of cycle 3, the cycle 4 class is inspired by the pedagogies of M. Montessori and C. Freinet. Several teachers are involved in this class:

  • -The homeroom teacher is in charge of the class throughout the day. He/she is also in charge of the link with the referent teachers and the follow-up of each student's individual work plan.
  • -The referent teachers provide instruction in their subject(s) by level group.

Throughout the week, the timetable is organized around collective learning times carried out by the referent teachers and individual work plan times.

Particularity of the 6th grade class: currently included in the 4th grade class, it will be attached to the 3rd grade class as of September 2022 in order to respect the learning by cycle. The students will therefore be under the responsibility of the cycle 3 teacher. However, they will benefit from the lessons of referent teachers in certain subjects, notably literature, science and languages.